Homemade paan With gulkand and rose water recipe

Paan Recipe

Paan is a betel leaf mouth fresher from India, Pakistan and neighboring countries. The Paanwala thelas are small roadside shops in which the Paanwalas make these paans on the spot for you. People love meetha paan after a scrumptious meal .

Recipe for meetha paan


Paan(Betel leaves) – 1 no

Gulkand – 1 tsp(Store brought)

Mukhwaas – 1 tsp

Sweetened coloured coconut flakes – ½ tsp

Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
Toothpick – few, To seal


Wash and pat dry the betel them using kitchen towel.Fold the leaf and slit the backside hard stalk of the paan leaf through out the halfway.

At this point, you can spread little lime stone liquid ,choon a,,,katthaa 

Now roll one edge of the pan to form the cone shape. Like wise also roll the another edge to form a proper cone to keep all the ingredients.

Now add gulkand, mukhwas, coconut flakes and pinch of cardamom powder.

Close it and then insert the toothpick

Enjoy Meetha Pan after lunch or dinner.

Meetha paan can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days by simply wrapping the paan using silver foil..

Make your own mouth freshener

Dry roast fennel seeds saunf and let it cool  ,,,add dhania giri too (optional),Now add coconut ,,Some shahi supari and Naz paan masala  and mix well.store in air tight jar..

Recipe for homemade gulkand and rose water.

Take a non stick pot put some Rose petals on it.place a steel bowl over the petals and cover the lid of pot .put it on stove and leave it on low flame for 1 hour.after that take out the steel bowl you will find some water in it .this is rose water.take out rose petals and put them in a glass jar add some sugar and put this jar in sunshine for 15 days .you will get gulkand..

My home made Paan

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