Creamy mix vegetables 

Creamy Mix vegetables

Spinach 1 kg (roughly chop)

Turnip 4 (roughly chopped)

meethi leaves 1/2 cup(don’t cut) (fenugreek)

Onion 1 (sliced )

Ginger paste 2 tbsp

salt 1 tsp

Red chilli pwd 3/4 tsp

Turmeric pwd 1/2 tsp

Green chillies 8 chopped

Butter 2 tbsp

oil 1 tbsp

yogurt 1/2 cup+cream 1/2 cup (beat with whisk)


Heat oil in a pan.Add butter and Saute onion ;fry ginger paste then fry spinach ;meethi and turnip .Now add green chillies;salt;red chilli pwd ;turmeric and cook till all water release from veggies dries.Now add yogurt n cream .Mix well and turn off the flame.


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