Chanay ki daal ka halwa

Chanay ki daal ka halwa(gram lentil halwa)


Gram lentil ½ kg

Sugar ½ kg

Milk 2 cups

Almond ½ cup (sliced)

Pistachio ½ cup (sliced)

Coconut ½ cup (shredded)

Small cardamom powdered 4

Clarified butter 1 cup

Khoya /milk solids 1 cup

Cooking Directions

Soak gram lentil in water for an hour.

Drain lentil.

In a skillet add milk and gram lentil, cook on low heat.

When lentil tenders and all milk dries, take it out and put it in blender to make paste.

Now put clarified butter in a pan and add cardamom, fry for few minutes.

Then add gram paste and cook it till it’s properly cooked and turns in light golden.

Now add milk solid and shredded coconut and sauté it.

When clarified butter starts to separate from the batter dish it out on a greased tray and garnish it with almond pistachio.Cut into pieces when become cool.



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