What is an Egg wash

Egg wash

Egg wash is that something special that gives a presentable glossy look, color and crisp surface to baked goods e.g. bread, rolls, buns, pastry etc.

Keep in mind it is the yolk of the egg that determines the shade and the gloss. The other liquids (including the egg white) are used to thin the yolk so it won’t dry out your pastry and cause it to crack in the oven, and also to help you control the shine and shade .

An egg wash consists of an egg beaten with some water, milk, cream or salt for different finish. Egg wash is lightly brushed on top of the prepared and shaped food to be baked right before putting it in oven. Egg wash is also used as a binder, sealer, it helps in sticking topping and coating in pies and it also seals the flavors in.

Tips: When preparing egg wash, make sure the egg is whisked well or chunks of egg will disturb the smooth surface egg wash is suppose to give. When ingredients are added to egg wash, it should be nicely whisked to completely incorporate them.



Whole egg with salt

Gives a glossy surface and smooth texture

Whole egg with water

Gives a golden amber colored surface

Whole egg with milk

Gives a medium glossy surface

Egg white

Gives a pale colored and crisp surface

Egg yolk with water

Gives a glossy and golden amber colored surface

Egg yolk with cream

Gives a glossy and dark brown colored surface.


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