Strawberry  Trifle

It is an easy and quick trifle that you can made in a hurry…It’s taste is awesome.
The trifle layers are plain cake crumble,strawberries and sugar syrup,vanilla custard ,Hershey’s chocolate sauce and whipped cream….
For custard,,,,,,serves 6-8
Boil 4 cups of milk and add 8 tbsp of sugar..Take 1/2 cup of cold milk in a bowl and dissolve 5 tbsp of vanilla custard powder in it.pour it in boiling milk and stir well…Cook for 2 minutes and keep stirring..then turn off the flame.
To make strawberries and sugar syrup,,,,,,

Chop 1 pound strawberries and add  1/4 cup ofsugar..cook for 5 minutes without adding water to make syrup.Let it cool.

Now Make crumble of plain  cake.You can use any left over butter cake or vanilla  cake or brownies.
Take 1 cup of Whippy whip cream and beat well.
Take a serving bowl…put cake crumbs,and pour strawberries and sugar syrup,

Now add prepared custard, then put a layer of whipped cream on top.Now pour some Hershey’s chocolate sauce and decorate with strawberries.serve chilled…



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