Rainbow blueberry cream cake


Rainbow blueberry cream cake Recipe

Today I am posting recipe of lively Mahvish ,who is the winner of cooking competition held on my facebook group,Afreen’s pakistani forum…

 Rainbow blue berry cream cake.



flour 1 cup

sugar 1cup

oil 1cup

baking pwdr 1 1/2tsp

eggs 3

2 food colours of your choice

milk 1cup

vanilla essence 1tsp


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Sift together the flour & baking pwdr in a separate bowl.

beat eggs & oil together add vanilla essence & beat well now add flour baking powder with the warm milk and food colour,fold the mixture well .

pour mixture into round shape pan & bake for 30 minutes

Bake 2 cakes with same method and different food colours..

until a cake tester inserted in the center come out clean then remove from oven.

icing for cake layers

Beat chilled whippy whip cream (non dairy cream)till fluffy .

If you are using dairy cream add icing sugar…
icing for cake decorations
Beat chilled whippy whip cream till fluffy..Now add food colour as desired.

For layers

cut both cakes from centre ..spray with sugar syrup.spread blue berry jam and white icing  on each layer…finally coat the cake with white icing and keep in refrigerator to set..

then fill in the piping bag with coloured icing and decorate..follow pictures…use star and round shape nozzles..

image image image image


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