Mutton paya 

Mutton paye Recipe:

Cook Time :  6 Hours

Serves :: 8 persons

Eid ul Adha is incomplete without yummy gravy of paya (trotters) dish. Paya is very common dish in muslim community. Basically paya is made in curry or gravy form, but with the advancement of food many dishes can be prepared such as paya kunna, paya masala gravy…

How to remove smell from Paya:

Rub wheat flour on Paya gently before washing and leave for 30 minutes…then wash properly…

Add bay leaf (Tez patta) at the time of  frying paya.

Add Grinded bay leaf during cooking.It will remove further smell.

Mutton paya recipe:


mutton Paya (trotters) 6-8 legs (cleaned and cut into small pieces)

Onion 2 cup sliced

Garlic paste 4 tbsp

Ginger paste 4 tbsp

Salt 2 tsp

Water 6 glass
Red chilli powder1 tbsp

Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Grinded bay leaves (one inch piece)

Shan Paya masala 2 tbsp

Salt 2tsp

Yogurt 4 tbsp

Roasted Cumin powder 1 tsp

Roasted Coriander powder 2 tsp

Fennel seed (saunf)powder 1 tsp

Grinded bay leaf (tez patta) 1

Oil 1/2 cup

For Garnishing/Serving:

Garam masala powder 1/2 tsp

Fresh coriander as required

Green chili 8

Lemon as required (sliced)

Ginger for garnish


Heat oil and fry onions until golden brown.

Take fried onions out and blend with yogurt to make smooth paste.

Add paya pieces to oil and fry on medium flame.

Add ginger garlic paste,and one bay leaf. Fry well. Bay leaf removes the paya smell.

Add yogurt and onion paste.

Now add all the spices and salt. Fry well till oil separate out.

Add 6 glasses of water,cook on low flame for 6 hours or in pressure cooker for 45 minutes..

Cook until oil seems to be separated.

Transfer the paya (trotters) masala to bowl.

Serve with ingredients listed for serving and hot naan/roti.

Using pressure cooker will reduce cooking time.


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