Jam Swiss roll

Swiss roll


Egg                                    3

Sugar (grounded)           3 ounces or 6 tbsp heaped (first measure the sugar then grind it)

Refined flour (maida)     6 tbsp heaped

Baking powder               1/2 tsp (leveled)

Vanilla essence             1/2 tsp

Strawberry jam               1/2 cup

–       Beat the eggs with electric beater till they become fluffy

–       Now add the sugar slowly and gradually and beat it. Then add vanilla essence and gain beat it.

–       Mix baking powder in refined flour and strain it

–       Add refined flour and baking powder mixture spoon by spoon in egg and sugar mixture and fold it with wooden spoon (do not use beater)

–       Take a swiss roll tray (8 x 13). Place butter paper over it and also grease the butter paper.

–       Preheat your oven at 200 oC.

–       Pour the mixture on the greased butter paper, and bake it at 180 oC for 10 minutes.

–       Now take a cloth, dust it with icing sugar (or grounded sugar), then place the cake on this cloth and roll it with napkin. (keep it for 4 minutes then open it, this is done so that after applying jam it can be turned easily into a swiss roll).

–       Spread the jam over the whole sponge and roll it (without cloth)

–       Cut 1 inch thick slices.


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