Nutella filled cakes (made in sandwich maker)

It is an quick and easy recipe for kids with just 6 ingredients..this recipe will make 8 mini cakes.These are kids favourite and good recipe for kids lunch box..
Note ,,

Carefully grease the sandwich maker otherwise the batter will stick and ruin your sandwich maker’s non stick coating.Beat sugar and egg till fluffy.

Vanilla cakes made in sandwich maker


Grinded sugar 2 tablespoons

Flour (Maida) 3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp sifted 

Egg 1

Milk 1 cup
Baking powder 1 tbsp sifted

Oil 4 tablespoons


Sift flour and baking powder ,set aside.

Beat sugar and egg till fluffy.

Then add  all remaining ingredients and beat with hand whisk .

Now grease sandwich maker with some oil and pour the batter..toast for 3 minutes.

Now your mini cakes are ready.let them cool on room can serve as it is or with filling of your choice.

then cut them from centre.

Fill all the cakes with Nutella chocolate spread.dust with castor sugar.

You can fill them with jam,strawberries and cream or with your favourite filling.serve with tea or coffee.


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