Cappuccino Desert with whipy whip cream

Cappuccino Desert with whipy whip cream It is an easy and quick desert that you can made in a hurry…It’s taste is awesome.The Desert layers are Cinnamon coffee custard ,Chocolate chip cookies and whipy whip  cream….Decorated with chocolate chips,coco powder and chocolate decorations… Ingredients  Milk 4 and 1/2 cup Vanilla custard powder 5 tbsp  Instant coffee powder 1 teaspoon  Sugar 8 tablespoons  Whipy whip cream 2 and 1/2 cup Chocolate chip cookies 150 gms Chocolate chips for decoration Coco powder for decoration    Melted chocolate for chocolate decorations  Method For Cinnamon coffee custard,,,,,,serves 6-8 1: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of instant coffee powder in 2 tbsp of hot milk.. Boil 4 cups of milk and add  the coffee mixture…Then  add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 8 tbsp of sugar,stir well..Take 1/2 cup of cold milk in a bowl and dissolve 5 tbsp of vanilla custard powder in it.pour it in boiling milk and stir well……Cook for 2 minutes and keep stirring..then turn off the flame.Let it cool at room temperature.Now add 1/2 cup of whipy whip cream and mix well.    2: Take 2 cups of Whipy whip cream and beat well.    3: Take a plastic bag and put chocolate chip cookies in it.Crush the cookies with the help of rolling pin.    4:  For decoration ,,,,,,, Melt some chocolate and make your favourite chocolate decorations…keep them in freezer..       Assembling,,,,, Take a serving bowl…put crushed cookies..    Then pour prepared custard.make a third layer of whipy whip cream. Now dust some sifted coco powder,decorate with chocolate chips,whipy whip cream and chocolate decorations according to your choice..      serve chilled…        



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  1. Lubna Karim says:

    Simplicity at its best….I love simple to make desserts….i have sent you a mail regarding the Ramadan Guest Post event…Can you please check and acknowledge….


    1. afreenzia says:

      Thanks dear…I have received your Email ..Its my pleasure to write for your awesome blog.Inshallah I will send you some new iftaari snacks recipes that are not published on my food blog.


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