Arabic Paratha recipe_step by step

Arabic Paratha recipe,step by step

Today I am posting a Guest post winner recipe for Ramadan Sehri  meals which has been sent by my sweet blog reader Saima Shaheen…..It is Arabic Paratha recipe….

How to make Arabic Paratha filling with mince:::

…. Cook 250 gm mince normally as u cooked,like onion fry in oil then ginger garlic paste then spices and mince and tomatoes , dry completely and less oil. Then add green spices like chillies and corriander.

How to make Arabic Paratha dough

Make a dough of bread by adding three cups of white flour , semolina half cup , salt , sugar one tbsp , oil two tbsp. Knead it with lukewarm milk, then cover n leave for twenty minutes.

Take a ball for bread one large and one small , roll up both balls , put a small one int centre of big one then spread cooked minced on small centre one , place a raw egg on mince then cover from four corners to make a square shape , shallow fry on low flame serve hot.

Urdu Recipe,that I have used to follow from book Dalda kA dasterkhwaan…


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