Pink Jam Swiss roll

Pink Jam Swiss Roll

Guest Post by Emaan Sarwar


Eggs…. 6

Castor Sugar… 6 onz (12 tbsp level)

Flour (maida)… 6 onz (12tbsp heapd)

Vanila or lemon essense…1/2 tsp

Baking powder…. 1tsp
*Frosting & topping*

Whipy whip cream… as required

Jam any flavour…300 gram ( i used strawberry jam)

Normal water …150 gram

Coconut powder…..1 cup


Sift together  flour and baking powder and set aside.

Beat eggs and sugar well till double and get stiff peaks..add vanila essense beat very well…then stop beating add flour and fold in very lightly with spectulla.

Pour mixter in a greased and lined swiss roll tray and spread and bake for pre heat oven 180 to 200% for 20 to 22 minuts..

In a bowl add jam and normal water mix very well..

Then swiss roll bake let it cool

Spread whip cream and jam and roll.. frost whip cream all over swiss roll and pour smoth jam mixter …then sprinkl coconut powder..Now it is ready 😊


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  1. sweety says:

    looks yummy and tasty


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