Individual Brownie trifle

Individual brownie trifle
It is an easy and quick trifle that you can made in a hurrY.It’s taste is awesome.

The trifle layers are Brownies,vanilla custard,cream,Hershey’s chocolate sauce ,chocolate chips and walnuts….
Chocolate brownies 6

For icing

Cream 1 cup

Coco powder




For custard

Vanilla custard powder



For garnish

Chocolate syrup

Chocolate chips
Chopped walnuts

For custard,,,,,,serves 6

Boil 3 cups of milk and add 6 tbsp of sugar..Take 1/2 cup of cold milk in a bowl and dissolve 4 tbsp of vanilla custard powder in it.pour it in boiling milk and stir well…Cook for 2 minutes and keep stirring..then turn off the flame.

For chocolate cream icing 

Take 1/4 cup of water in a pan add 2 tablespoons of coco powder,1/2 cup icing sugar,1 tsp of butter .Cook on low flame for 2 minutes.keep stirring.Now let it cool.

Take a bowl and beat 1 cup of cream till fluffy..Add coco mixture and beat well. Now icing is ready..


Take 6 transparent serving cups,make a layer of Brownie pieces.Now add prepared custard and top it with chocolate cream icing and pour some Hershey’s chocolate syrup .Top with chocolate chips and chopped walnuts…serve chilled…   




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