Mother’s Day treats

We can please our Mothers by making these yummy treats…

we can  take the Mother’s Day as a chance to lay more emphasis on our duty towards our mothers, as Islam enjoins us, because dutifulness to parents is a genuine Islamic teaching. But Muslims, in doing that, should never deviate from the Islamic teachings, they should do things in Islamic manners, not in Western manners. Hence, they would not be imitating the non-Islamic habits of the West.

However, there are two reservations worth mentioning; first, considering the Mother’s Day a feast; second, confining the task of showing dutifulness to mothers to that specific day, giving implication that throughout the whole year, just only one day is for showing love to parents. If such two anomalous points are addressed, then we can consider the Mother’s Day a chance to give more care to mothers.Share your ideas in comments…

My daughters made these yummy mini cakes and Icecream shake for me on Mother’s Day..

These cakes were so moist with the yummy flavour of Nutella and chocolate.Kids can make them easily.It does not require creaming of butter or so much beating..My daughters just called me to put it in the oven because they do not have permission to use oven…

Recipe link is here….

These all are the links of yummy treats and kids friendly recipes..Kids can make them for their mothers to make them surprise …..
Hot BEVERAGES “……………….


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