Quick Yogurt Chicken Boneless

Quick Yogurt Chicken boneless

Happy Ramadan.I am trying to post quick and easy desi recipes to save time in Ramadan.It is a quick recipe which is a part of quick sehri and Iftar meal ideas on my blog.


Boneless chicken 500 gms cut in cubes

1 medium size , fine chopped onion ,,golden brown

Oil 4 tbsp

For marination

Fresh Yogurt 1 cup

Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp

Salt 1 tsp

Red chilli powder 1 tsp

Roasted Cumin powder 1 tsp

Roasted coriander powder 1 tsp

For garnish

Bullet green chillies 2 chopped

Coriander leaves 2 tbsp chopped


Marinate chicken with the ingredients of marination for 15 minutes.Heat oil in a pot and fry chopped onion till golden brown.Take it out from oil and keep aside.Now add marinated chicken in the same oil and cook for 20 minutes on medium flame.Add brown onion and fry well.Take out in a serving dish and garnish with green chillies and coriander leaves.


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  1. M Iqbal says:

    My mom makes something similar too. *high five*
    I, myself always loooooove quick recipes. I mean, there should be a time for kitchen and a time for everything else. Lol.


  2. Jameela says:

    Oh so quick and easy. I was looking for a recipe for dinner tonight…I have yoghurt and everything else (have to run down to the halal butcher and get the chicken) so guess what’s for dinner at my house tonight? (imoji of a happy face with licking lips)

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  3. Afreen hai, also a great dish for any party and picnic when planned on short notice.


  4. Umme Hafsa says:

    I love how quick this recipe is and doesn’t compensate of flavour… I am definitely eager to give this a try inshaAllah!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Muslim Mummy says:

    I love boneless chicken but the husband doesn’t! May have to try this recipe and see if he likes it


  6. Sainab says:

    This look really tasty masha’Allah I lovee yoghurt currys


    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aaliyah says:

    This looks so delicious I’ll have to try it out. 🙂


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