A famous Pakistani writer SAKINA FARRUKH


Afreen Zia

As my blog Afreenskitchen highlight Pakistani lifestyle ,Pakistani food and Pakistani talents.Today I am going to highlight the talents of Sakina Farrukh . She is famous writer who wrote many famous novels in

 Pakeeza Digest , Dosheeza Digest, Kiran Digest, Aanchal Digest. She is very popular in females because of her unique writing style.

She wrote many afsana ,novelts and novels in different digest and 

she has a huge fans following who desperately waits for her novels.


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1:::Assalam o alaikum …  Tell us  about yourself?

Walaikum as Salaam..I am  A pharmacist/ house wife/ happy mother of four grown ups..

2:::Tell us about your writing skills?

Writing is my passion .my satisfaction…my pen is a source of my expression.

3::your hobbies?

Reading..Thinking and writing.

4:::Give suggestions for new writers?

First you have to read a lot.. Your thoughts are your asset….write in such away that you could convey your messages in a simple and respectable manner.

5::Your favourite places to go and spend your spare time?

I like snow covered mountain areas or lush green lands.

6::What was your family response when you have started writing?

Very positive and supportive.

7::Your inspirations?

People here and there…all around me.

8::Your favourites writers?

Ashfaq Ahmed, Ibne Safi, O Henry.

9::On which topics you mostly write?

I  mostly write about dynamics of marital relation ships and I always try to give solutions of the highlighted issues.

10::On which topic you want to write in future?

Now I want to write on human psychology….. Will try to explore the reasons behind every love hate success and failure….

. 11::Tell us about your achievements and passion?

Two of my award winning stories ‘Mein, Wo, aur Jugnoo’ and ‘Mauhlat’ are published in Dosheeza digest. These stories are based upon actual events, which affected me so deeply that I decided to pen them down. I am working on a new novel these days, which touches upon the sensitivities of human relationships, and how we evolve with them. Also, look out for my book which will hopefully be in your hands by next year. It will comprise of parts of my published work till date.

Thanks a lot Afreen.May Allah Almighty bless you in every moment of your life.Ameen

Thank you .Madam  Sakina Farrukh for giving us your precious time.

Agar samjho mohabbat ko by Sakina Farrukh is a very famous 

social romantic Urdu novel.It was published in monthly Digest. Here are some clips


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  1. Zia Ahmed says:

    Masha Allah..Great..very nice Interview.


  2. shagufta Ahsan says:

    Very nice interview …interesting story of “Agar Mohabbat samjho tu”..
    MashaAllah ..

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  3. Sadia Moin says:

    Awesome writing i also love to write my expressions n feelings in words inspire by u mam

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  4. Antonia says:

    I see interesting content you’ve got here, you should show your blog to much bigger audience and make it go viral.
    I read about sneaky method to get massive traffic to any website everyday , just search in google for:
    Coisin’s tips & tricks


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