20+ Layered deserts and sweet dishes by Shireen Anwer

Layered deserts and sweet dishes by shireen Anwer,,,,you can make these on special occasions specially for Eid trolly.

Bounty Yum Yum desert by Shireen Anwer

Marie biscuits coarsely crushed 2 cups 
• • Milk ¼ cup 
• • For chocolate custard 
• • Milk 1 kg 
• • Sugar 4 tbsp heaped 
• • Vanilla custard powder 3 tbsp heaped 
• • Coco powder 1 tbsp 
• • Cream 2 cups whipped+ 1 cup for decoration 
• • Bounty bars 6 
• • Chocolate flakes as required 
• • Chocolate chips ½ cup 

METHOD ترکیب
Make chocolate custard by cooking milk and sugar add vanilla custard and coco powder dissolved in ¼ cup cold milk, cook stirring till custard thick, cool custard put in a blender with 4 bounty bars, 2 cups cream, blend and keep aside, spread of layer of crushed biscuit in a dish, soak them with milk, pour ½ quantity bounty mixture over biscuit, spread remaining crushed biscuit over custard, again pour remaining custard, level properly, decorate with cream, chocolate flakes, crushed bounty and chocolate chips. Serve chilled.


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  1. Zia says:

    Nice collection of sweet dishes and desert recipes of chef Shirleen anwer.. Thanks for sharing..


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