Fried Chocolate Puffs

Fried chocolate puffs

It is a easy No Bake recipe of Puffs without butter…..Quick and yummy..

for dough
Vegetable Oil 2 TBSP
Water 1 cup
All Purpose Flour 1 cup
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Salt ½ TSP

Baking powder 1 teaspoon

For the Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate pieces or chocolate chips 1/2 cup
Milk 1/4 cup
1- Mix flour and baking powder,set aside.

2- Take a pan add water, 2 TBSP sugar, salt and 2 TBSP oil to it and mix until it reaches a boil.
3- Take the pan off the heat and add in flour all at once to it and mix thoroughly with wooden spoon to make dough
4- Make small balls of the dough.
5- Heat oil for deep frying on medium heat.

6- Deep fry these puffs on a medium flame ,,,,Be patient and do not turn the heat high so that they cook completely from inner side…take out when golden onto a kitchen paper.

To make the chocolate sauce
1- Heat milk in a pan and add in the chocolate.
2- Turn the heat to low and let the chocolate melt, mix occasionally. Your chocolate sauce is ready once the chocolate has melted and formed smooth shiny mixture. Dip the puffs in chocolate mixture and serve.



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