Mix Chana Maash Daal

Mix Chana Maash Daal


Chana Daal 1 cup

Maash Daal 1 cup

Salt 1 and half teaspoon

Fresh roasted cumin powder 1 tablespoon

Crushed red chillies 1 tablespoon

Ginger paste 1 tablespoon


Rinse chana daal and mash daal with few changes of water.
Then soak in sufficient water for at least two hours.
Place lentils/ daals in a large skillet or pot.
Add 6 cups water and salt..cook on medium flame for 1 hour or until lentils are tender.Now add ginger paste,fresh roasted cumin powder,crushed red chillies..Temper Daal with following ingredients  and serve hot with Naan or rice…

For  Tempering


Oil 4 tablespoons

Butter 1 tbsp

Onion sliced 1

Whole red chillies 5

Green chillies 4

White Cumin 1 tsp

Take a frying pan,heat oil and fry onions till nicely brown.Add remaining ingredients and sizzle.pour on prepared daal.

Serve with rice or naan. Enjoy daal chawal.


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