Maleeda(Sehri Special recipe)

Maleeda(Sehri/suhoor Special)

Malida also known as Maleeda, is a traditional Afghan Central Asian sweet dish, made by initially creating a dough out of wheat flour, semolina, butter and milk. The dough is then baked on a round flat pan, once baked you break apart the cookie into crumbs. Afghan women sit together and grind the dough pieces in the palms of their hands.Once the Malida is almost in a powder form, it is put through a sifter and made into a more grainy powder by pushing it with your fist through the small netting of the sifter (nowadays, you can use an electric blender). It is then mixed with sugar for a sweeter taste and served on holy events.

I am sharing the recipe of Shagufta Ahsan as a Ramadan Special guest post.It is easy to make in Pakistani style..Thanks to Shagufta Ahsan for sharing her mother’s traditional recipe….


Wheat flour 2cup

Sugar 1cup or as desired

Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp

Ghee 1/4cup

Milk as required 
for making the dough

Almond crushed 1/4 cup

Pistachio crushed 1/4 cup

Dessicated coconut 2tbsp


Mix all ingredients n knead it to make a dough with milk.. make thick rotis /flat bread and cook on low flame.

..let it cool at room temperature .Tear roti into small pieces and grind it In coffee grinder and preserve it in air tight jar …keep it into the refrigerator.. Enjoy it with hot milk in sehri…


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