Khoya Siwayaan_khoya Vermecilli

Khoya Siwayaan



Vermicelli 150 gm (break into pieces of 1-2 inches)

Water 1 and 1/2cup

sugar 1 and 1/2 cup

(Ghee)clarified butter 3tbsp
Green cardamom 2

Yellow food colour 1/4 tsp

Khoya 750 gm

Chopped almonds ,desicated coconut and chopped pistachios

To make khoya at home check out my Homemade khoya recipe


To make sugar syrup, Boil water with sugar ;yellow food colour,

on low flame till sugar dissolve.

In another pan heat ghee on low flame and fry vermicelli ,nuts and cardamom till golden brown .

Then add khoya and stir well.
Now pour prepared sugar syrup in vermecilli pan and cook on high flame for 5 minutes.stir well to make sure that all the vermecillies have perfectly cooked.Now cover the lid and turn the flame low …cook for 5 more minutes till all water dries out.

Open the lid after 5 minutes and take out vermicelli in a serving dish.


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