How to store Qurbani meat in freezer

How to store Qurbani meat in freezer::

Qurbani ka Gosht Mehfooz karnay ka Tareeka :::

Eid ul Adha is all around,so today I am sharing some tips to store Qurbani meat properly in freezer without spoiling it.

Keep meat only for a certain amount of time in the freezer. Freezers are an excellent invention, and a necessity. , but we shouldn’t develop a habit of storing meat for months just because of it. We should save some for ourselves, use the freezer to store some for relatives to give over the next couple of days, and distribute the rest to the needy people. So try to distribute as much as you can and then store according to your need.

If you have an extra freezer that you do not use on regular basis,then turn it on atleast 3 to 5 days before Eid .By this you can get enough cooling and can check for freezer gas.In case your freezer gas leaked out then you can fill the gas and do service of your freezer…

The best tip for new freezer users is to turn it on it atleast 5 days before eid so that it have enough cooling .. and after putting meat packets make sure to shuffle packets next day and day after next day .. In this way they won’t stick together..Every packet can breathe (completely Frozen).And your freezer will be clean.

Old freezer users should clean freezer 5 days before atleast.Keep the cooling temperature of your fridge and freezer upto maximum because when you put a huge quantity of meat on Eid day ,then the freezer takes time to completely freeze your meat.Mostly in Pakistan Hot days are expected during Bakra Eid.Try to put meat as soon as possible into freezer once it come to Room temperature.Avoid using large grocery bags.Some ladies in Karachi  put the meat in the grocery bags of Imtiaz super market that are too much thick. It will effect on cooling of freezer. So plz avoid using them.Must use small plastic bags that are enough for 1 to 2 kg meat. I have got these one.


Vertical freezers

Vertical freezers are too good because there are separate compartments so it makes very convenient to store food without worry of transfer of order n frost bite .
I’m using vertical freezer ,it’s ergonomically designed n cleaning is very easy because it has seperate drawers. You can put marinated meat in food storage boxes to be placed in the freezer drawers easily.


Keep cold drinks,water and sweet dishes in refrigerator before Eid day to have them  chilled on Bakra Eid.
First tip for Pakistani people is to check if the freezer has a built-in stabiliser otherwise use one because electricity keep tripping in case of load shedding.
Secondly keep most meat after marination (if there is long load shedding hours ,than marination will save the meat)

Thirdly, wash a good portion and have it minced to store. It will save your space and can be utilised in many recipes…

Can we freeze Mutton/beef Liver/kaleji?

Commonly people consume qurbani ki kaleji on bakra eid day.But you can freeze it too. Depending on the storage conditions, beef liver will keep fresh in the fridge about 2 to 3 days. On the other hand, beef liver will keep up to 4 months in the freezer. But this goes only if the freezer temperature is kept steady.

Lamb and Mutton liver will keep fresh up to 2 months in the freezer.

First rub wheat flour on kaleji/liver. Then wash the liver and strain on a strainer. When all water syrained out then keep in ziplock bag. Must freeze in tightly sealed zip lock bags.



1. Make smaller packets of 1 kg meat..

2. Label them properly

3. Flatten the meat or minced meat. This way the meat defrost much quicker and it takes less space.

4. Always write the inventory with their position in the freezer so it’s much efficient!!

5.. Lay out all the pieces of meat to dry under the fan for a few hours, and then store them. This is a trick used by butchers which will ensure less smell in the freezer. Make sure the weather is good, and their is ventilation otherwise meat can spoil. Plus don’t lay out the meat on newspaper but on cloth.

6..Buy a pack of plastic bags or ziplock bags (the small ones), portions out the meat and then writes with a permanent black marker the usage of the meat. That includes writing who it is for, and what portion of meat it is. So let’s say writing relative maid, driver or boti pieces, hunter beef etc.

7..Freeze the meat in small portions,in small ziplock bags.

8::Boil some meat. You can keep boiled meat in refrigerator for two days. It will save the freezer space.

To remove smell from Qurbani meat::

Boil some water in a pot. Add 1 tsp vinegar and cleaned meat. Cook for two minutes in boiling water and strain. It will remove the smell from qurbani meat. Then you can freeze it and cook it whenever you want.

8. Clean the fat from meat before freezing, try to freeze boneless meat as bones occupy high space.. make labelled packets of meat or use boxes to freeze them..

Marinate bar b q items then freeze.

put meat in the freezer according  to the sequence u want to cook..

9.Do not freeze unsealed packets.It will dry the meat and ruin the texture.

10.Do not freeze oversize cuts of meat,meat with fats,big bones because it takes large space and everybody already have stored Paya on Bakra Eid.

11.Boil beef bones with ginger garlic paste. then discard the bones,and freeze thick yukhni or stock.

12::Wash boneless meat and make minced meat by using chopper machine or food processor. Now you can make kachay qeemay Kay kabab or marinate beef mince. You can also freeze marinated beef mince.

13:: Cut beef undercut into strips. Wash and strain on a strainer. Freeze in tightly sealed zip lock bags.

It can be used in many quick recipes.


Check out here::

Easy recipes using beef strips

Check out my Bakra Eid special recipe ,,

Frozen kachay qeemay Kay kabab recipe for 4 kg beef mince


How to store ground beef in freezer

If you’ll be keeping ground beef (qeema) longer in freezer, put it in a plastic or zip lock bag,,,wrap the zip lock bag packaging tightly in aluminum foil or place it in another zip-top freezer bag, removing as much air as you can from the bag before sealing it.


Why the extra packaging?

Freezer air is the enemy of ground beef — it’ll eventually lead to freezer burn and ruined meat.

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How long frozen meat can be used,,

Meat that is frozen can be kept and used within 3 to 4 months,if it has been properly freezed in small portion and did not defrosted. And if the freezer door does not open often and there is no problem of load shedding, then the meat can be kept for around 6 months. Once the meat comes out of the freezer and the ice starts to melt, the germs will start to thrive on it. So this meat should be used as soon as possible. Meat once taken out of the freezer should not be kept in it again.


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  1. Iqra Asad says:

    Wow! All these tips come from experience and are useful, I didn’t know some of these things. You really put effort into this post by packing so much advice into it.


  2. Great advice! Didn’t know mince/qeema can get freezer burn! Will definitely be re-thinking how I store my frozen meat!
    Looking forward to more tips, keep it up! 🙂


  3. Great tips! Thank you!


  4. Jazak Allahu khairan katheeran


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    good advice! maybe i will tell my family this can be tried at home.


  6. These tips are so much needed for anyone who deals with storing large amount of meat. Thanks for sharing sis!


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    Wow! A good topic to share. Thank you!it was an informative read.


  8. Fatima says:

    How long would you recommend storing the meat for? I’ve always had a vertical freezer at my parent’s home. It is extremely convenient and has several shelves for storage. I used to eat the kebabs at midnight after everyone used to sleep.


    1. afreenzia says:

      meat that is frozen can be kept and used within 3 to 4 months. And if the freezer door does not open often and there is no problem of load shedding, then the meat can be kept for around 6 months. Once the meat comes out of the freezer and the ice starts to melt, the germs will start to thrive on it. So this meat should be used as soon as possible. Meat once taken out of the freezer should not be kept in it again.


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    Thanks a tonne for these tips. There were several things I never knew.Good job Sister.


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    I didn’t know some of these! Especially having to wrap ground beef twice – I’m going to try that. I love the inventory idea – I do that with my fride and freezer x


  11. These are some really useful tips. I like how you have explained everything in detail. Great post!


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