35+ Tea time recipes/snacks/Iftar Recipes/Eid trolley recipes

Tea time

Tea time(also known as high tea or evening tea) is one name for the evening meal. It is associated with the working class and is typically eaten between 5 pm and 7 pm in Pakistan.

Some Snacks are eaten in the evening with tea or with any one of the meals as a side-dish.


Pakistani tea time or Iftar snacks comprise food items in Pakistan that are quick to prepare, spicy, usually fried.Some tea time recipes are sweet,generally sweet dishes or cakes.I have gathered here healthy and light Iftar snacks recipes and sweet dishes.

Eid trolley

Lets talk about Eid trolley- yes the trolley that is decorated every Eid morning in anticipation of Eid guests. Each Pakistani family have a history about Eid Trolleys and guests.

I have lots of quick recipes on my blog and I thought lets put it together and give you some ideas to make your tea trolly or table win all the way! It will be a surprise for most of those coming to your place after visiting a number of houses before yours.

Check out these easy Teatime recipes/Snacks /Iftar recipes/Eid trolley recipes  from my blog.

I have gathered over here those recipes which are easy and quick .Some recipes are good to Make ahead of time and ready to serve.You can select these low budget recipes for your afternoon tea party menu.

Click the name of the dish to get recipe.

Sweet Treats

One bowl coco brownies 


Almond Loaf Cake

2017-09-28 15.41.24

Shahi tukray


Mini Marble bunt cakes (24 mini cakes recipe for tea party)


Karha hoa Sheer khurma


2017-11-02 12.59.24

Rus Malai

Vanilla and chocolate chip Muffins 

2017-10-18 14.05.03

Marble Muffins


Quick Eggless Chocolate Mousse 


Moist Chocolate Muffins 

2017-10-02 13.05.42

Carpet pudding 


Khoya Siwayaan

Chocolate bundt cake with toasted Almonds 

2017-11-07 11.57.28

Cream cheese and jam cold Sandwiches

Seven layered trifle cups


Khoobani ka Meetha

Buttermilk Lemon Bundt cake

2017-11-26 21.09.24

Simple blondies 

2017-10-29 22.46.33

Nan khatai

Marble Cake Loaf

2018-01-24 15.46.54

Sugar Cookies

Zebra cake in pateela on stove top


Chocolate cake topped with Chocolate Ganache 

2017-12-05 12.52.24

Savory Snacks and Appetizers 

2017-12-05 12.47.57

Bohri fried chicken legs

Pakora platter


Homemade Magic Corn


White Chana chaat with dahi phulki

Dahi baray

Kala chana Chaat

Spicy Chicken Spaghetti 

2017-11-29 13.32.29

Spicy Chicken fry

Quick Chat Masala Chicken

2018-07-18 15.38.18

Labenese kabab 

2018-01-01 20.04.49

Mutton pot roast

2017-09-21 09.14.41

Finger fish

Fried Chicken sticks

Three cheese chicken samosa

Qeema samosa

Pinwheel Samosa

Potato and chicken Fried Rolls


Shredded beef sandwiches

2017-09-13 21.18.06

Quick fried chicken

Shami Donut Kabab

2017-10-11 12.54.13

Kachay Qeemay kay Kabab

2017-09-07 09.48.02

Chicken Sandwiches


Chicken kababs



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