The Best Recipes of 2017 on Afreenskitchen_Pakistani food blog

Best of 2017 Recipes posts on My Pakistani food blog Afreenskitchen

During the year 2017 ,I have written so many posts.I am compiling here the best five  posts of 2017 that went good during the whole year .These are most appreciated and loved recipes by my blog readers and they motivated me to do more better.

Top 5 Most popular recipes of 2017

1,,The most useful post of my blog during the year 2017 ,was 35+ Tea time recipes. In this post I had gathered some make ahead,quick and easy recipes for Iftar,hi tea,or for for Eid trolley.There is a collection of some Pakistani snacks and sweet dishes ..I hope you will also like them.

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Tea timeSnacks/Iftar/Eid trolley recipes


2017-12-05 12.47.57

2,,Second post is 15+ Muffin recipes in which I had gathered healthy ,quick and easy Muffin recipes.

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15+Muffin recipes 

3,,Third best post of the year 2017 was,How to host stress free desi dinner.In which I had shared the ideas about planning a desi dinner and some Desi menu suggestions.

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How to host stress free desi dinner



4,,Fourth popular post from my blog was,Desi kids lunchbox recipes.

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kids lunchbox recipes


5,,Fifth post was,,Eid ul Adha recipes.There is a collection of red meat recipes.

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Eid ul Adha Special Recipes 


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