Desi Breakfast Recipes_Desi Naashta Menu Ideas

Desi Breakfast/Sehri Recipes/Desi Naashta Menu Ideas

These Pakistani breakfast recipes are quick and healthy. You can find some Desi breakfast recipes here which are all time favourite of Pakistani people and Some Pakistani Style breakfast menu suggestions. Some of them can be made ahead of time.Just warm them up in microwave and have them in your breakfast. These are also perfect suhoor/ sehri recipes for Ramadan.

Here are Some Quick Desi breakfasts… 

Chai paratha

An awesome paratha combination is with chai (tea). What is better than salty paratha with sweet milk tea to begin your day with?

Anda Paratha

Paratha is a wheat flatbread cooked with oil or ghee and anda is egg and their combination is just perfect. Anda can be omelette or half-fried.

Jam and butter on toast

Easy, quick, but totally delicious. Jam and butter were made for each other.

Corn Flakes or cereals

Corn Flakes are quicker and easier than toast but equally delicious. Just put some milk in a bowl or corn flakes if you want.

Rusk chai

Some people prefer bun and chai in the morning, others go for rusk chai. The crunchy rusk and smooth sweet milk tea complement each other perfectly.

Healthy baked oatmeal squares 

2017-12-07 15.44.41

Moist Chocolate Muffins 

Vanilla and chocolate chip Muffins

2017-10-18 14.05.03

Buttermilk Lemon Bundt cake 

2017-11-26 21.09.24

Simple blondies

2017-10-29 22.47.58

Moist Chocolate blender cake


Fluffy Pan cakes

Giant Chocolate chip cookie pizza

Zebra cake


Oatmeal with fruits

Healthy Dates and nuts muffins

Healthy oatmeal cookies

Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast cake



Cream cheese and jam Sandwiches

Quick grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Vegetable and cheese Sandwiches

Potato fried sandwiches

Spicy Egg Toast

Chicken bread

Bread pizza

Nutella French toast

Bread rolls

Tea and Drinks

Dates and Nuts Milk Shake

Winter Special Beverage

Strawberry Milkshake

Honey,Fruits and almond Milk Shake

Kashmiri Pink Tea

Hazelnut chocolate milkshake

3 ingredient Pineapple smoothie

Hot Chocolate Milk

Khoya lassi

Cold coffee

Desi Sweets

Khoya Siwayaan

Gajar ka halwa

Sheer khurma

Jhatput Suji ka halwa

Shahi tukray

Badami Kheer


Desi Pakistani Breakfast Recipes

Egg Karahi

Halwa puri

Chanay Aaloo ka salan with puri

Soya aaloo tarkari

Achaari Aaloo ki tarkari

Baigan and methi tarkari

Karahi Qeema

Smokey qeema

Cheese Omelete

Degchi kabab or reesha kabab

Dhaaba mix Sabzi

Chicken kababs

Homemade yogurt

Pan fried liver

Beef Shami kababs


Mutton paya 

Kachay qeemay Kay kabab 

Quick kababi Murgh

Chicken with crushed spices

Beef paya 

Egg paratha

Arabic paratha

Desi Naashta/breakfast Menu Ideas:

Menu 1 – –Pakistani Famous Naashta

Halwa +Puri + Chanay Aaloo ka Salan +Homemade yogurt+ Chai

Menu 2 – Fancy Desi naashta –

Parathas +Cheese Omlete +

Smokey Qeema/dum ka qeema +Achari Aaloo+ Kheer + Chai

Menu 3 – Vegetarian Desi Naashta –

Paratha + Baigan and Methi ki Sabzi + Aloo ki Sabzi + Raw Mango Chutney + Achaar + Chai

Menu 4 – Desi Continental Mix Naashta version 1 –

Fluffy Pancakes+ Puri with karahi Qeema + Cream cheese and jam sandwiches + Orange juice+Chai

Menu 5 – Desi Continental Mix Naashta version 2 –

Vanilla and chocolate chip Muffins+ Spicy Egg Toast+Mix Sabzi+Roti/Chapaati + Dates and nuts Milkshake + Chai

Menu 6 – Desi naashta –

Egg Karahi + Paratha + Shami kababs + khoya Siwayaan + Chai


Eid-ul-fitr Nashta/Eid breakfast Menu

Resha kabab/degchi kabab+Halwa +Puri + Chanay Aaloo ka Salan +Homemade yogurt+ Chai+   khoya siwayaan +

sheer khurma

Paratha recipes by ShireenAnwer

Frozen paratha


Tandoori qeema paratha

images (12)

Baisan Ki roti

images (10)

Arabic paratha

images (11)

Aaloo ka paratha

alu parathaimages (9)allo kachori11023images (8)


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