20+Steamed and Baked Iftar Recipes/Ramadan recipes with less oil

Ramadan Special Recipes with less oil/Steamed and Baked Recipes For Iftar

Ramadan is around the corner. During Iftar most people gorge on heavily fried foods.Pakistani  Iftar snacks comprise food items in Pakistan that are quick to prepare, spicy, and usually deep fried.Some Iftar recipes are sweet,generally sweet dishes or cakes.Too much oily and spicy deep fried items causes heart burn.I would suggest adding steamed,baked or grilled low calorie foods  to your diet,makes fasting easier.

I have gathered here healthy and light Iftar  recipes which are baked or steamed and have less oil.Try these recipes and use extra virgin olive oil to make your Iftar healthy.

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Check out these healthy and easy  Non_fried Iftar recipes recipes  from my blog.

I have gathered over here those recipes which are easy and quick .Some recipes are good to Make ahead of time and ready to serve.You can select these low budget and healthy recipes for your Iftar party menu.

Click the name of the dish to get recipe.

Baked Recipes

Chicken Bread


Bread Pizza

Baked Samosas


Baked Beef Skewers

Healthy Dates and Nuts Muffins


Vanilla and chocolate chip Muffins 

2017-10-18 14.05.03

Fish Pie


Chicken Patties


Bread Rolls

Baked oatmeal squares


Moist Chocolate Muffins 

2017-10-02 13.05.42

Macroni Loaf


Buttermilk Lemon Bundt cake

2017-11-26 21.09.24

Simple blondies 

2017-10-29 22.46.33

Nan khatai

Marble Cake Loaf

2018-01-24 15.46.54

Sugar Cookies

Baked Shashlik

Chocolate cake topped with Chocolate Ganache 

2017-12-05 12.52.24

Macroni Bechamel


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Steamed Recipes

Mutton pot roast

2017-09-21 09.14.41

Dum Chicken Legs


Beef steamed kababs

Dum ka qeema

Red chilli Beef steak in pan


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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Eating a lighter and healthier diet during Ramadan will give off better results than constantly eating foods that have been heavily fried! Thanks for sharing this list sis 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jamila Jones says:

    Jazkallah Khair for all the recipes, it’s good to have delicious healthy food on the table instead of the deep fried samosas.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Farhana Sharmeen says:

    The Chicken Bread recipe looks good, mashAllah. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.


  4. So needed this right now!! When healthy food is on the table you can’t go wrong!
    JazakAllah khair for sharing!


  5. I personally hate cooking with a lot of oil, but with savouries we can’t get away from the frying. I do suggest investing in an airfryer it does cook a lot of the fried savouries with little oil which is very healthy. Personally don’t like frying samoosas/springrolls in it through, I don’t find it becomes super crispy or golden even though .


  6. Nasra says:

    A great big thank you from me! I have gone through and already picked out the recipes that I want to try and make. All look delicious


  7. beflawless says:

    Masha Allah! you really have an amazing collection of recipes to share. JazakiAllahu khair and ramadan kareem!


  8. Lilac Prose says:

    Thanks you for sharing healthy recipes for iftar!


  9. Afra Said says:

    its great to see more healthier recipes out there, even though the samosa’s and pakora’s are yumminess! LOL


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