One Bowl Chewy  Coco Brownies_Recipe with oil

One Bowl Chewy Brownies _Coco brownies Recipe with oil

These oil brownies are chewy ,sweet and chocolaty with crisp edges and dark chocolate fudge icing. This is Everything a brownie should be. You’ll only need a whisk and a bowl to make this quick and easy recipe,no mixer required. These are so sweet in taste so I prefer to make fudge icing with dark chocolate to balance sweetness.

If You really want to make brownies right now, but you don’t have any chocolate. Luckily, you have cocoa in your pantry ,then try these best coco brownies.Mostly we use melted chocolate or chocolate chips to make fudgy brownies.But these coco brownies are incredibly fudgy and chewy.The best part is that they are easy to make with just seven ingredients .

Tips for better results,,,

Use sifted grinded sugar to avoid stickiness of the batter ,otherwise you will mess up your work because of sugar granules.

Sift together flour ,coco powder and baking powder before adding in wet ingredients .

Use non stick pan and line up with alumunium foil,do not use parchment paper for this recipe.

It’s best to not overcook these! The #1 tip is to make sure the brownies are not shiny or wet looking in the middle. If wanted you can insert a toothpick and make sure it doe snot come out with wet batter. The brownies will cook slightly more as they cool in the pan on the cooling rack. 

Preparation time:20 minutes

Baking time:20 minutes

Serves 9

Brownies Recipe


 2 eggs
1 cup grinded sugar sifted
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup flour sifted
1/3 cup coca powder sifted
1/2 tsp baking powder sifted
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

For frosting,,

Dark chocolate 3/4 cup cut into pieces

Cream 1/4 cup

Butter 1 tsp

Preheat oven before 20 mins.

Take a non stick 8 inches square  pan.Line up with alumunium foil and grease with oil.

Sift together flour ,coco powder and baking powder.
Take a bowl and Beat eggs for 2,3 minutes with hand whisk until fluffy.Then add sifted sugar, oil and vanilla essence. Beat it for

seconds .Now  add sifted flour, coca powder and baking powder. Fold well with the help of rubber spatula.
pour the mixture in to the prepared pan and bake in the oven for 20 to 25 mins.keep a check with toothpick until it comes out clean.

Now let it cool in to the pan and cover it with towel.

Remove from pan and carefully remove aluminum foil .

Put on cooling wire rack .

To make frosting,,,

Heat cream on double boiler or in microwave for 30 seconds .Add chocolate pieces and butter. stir well till well combined and no chocolate pieces left.

pour icing on cooled brownie sponge.Let it cool and set.Then cut into nine square pieces of same size.

Enjoy with a cup of tea or Serve warm with ice cream.


Store loosely covered in a box on the counter, or chill to just set the frosting. Will keep for up to 3 days on the counter.



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  1. Umm Ruqaiya says:

    Now, I am craving brownie ahhhh… Will have to make once I get home in sha Allah. I’ll bookmark this recipe, seems quiet easy ma sha Allah. Thanx for sharing.


  2. Jess Alya says:

    Wow, this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Fozia S says:

    Oh will have to give this a go. I tried brownies only once before and over cooked them


  4. AYEINA says:

    This looks so tempting!! Yumm yumm ma shaa Allah. Never made brownies before. Gotta give it a try soon in shaa Allah 🙂 Jazakallahu Khayr for sharing ❣️


  5. lubnakarim06 says:

    Sounds wonderful to me…oil, chewy and brownie…wow…it’s been ages I baked something sweet with oil…will give this a try…


  6. I’ve tried this recipe before and it’s delicious! Even made it into cupcakes lol, drizzle with chocolate or a sugar glaze and it’s even more to die for …


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