Kids Lunch box Recipes

25+ Desi lunch box ideas for kids and teens

Are you looking for quick,healthy ,easy,attractive ,make ahead and home made recipes for kids lunchbox?

What to pack for kids school lunch??This is the biggest issue in every

house ,every morning.Some kids take out their lunch boxes untouched and this is so much frustrating for mothers.

Lunch box packing make it really tough part in the morning especially for choosy kids a lot of thinking to be done before we pack the lunch so that we receive a empty lunch box after school. Mothers always feel happy to see empty lunch box and have , a much satisfied feeling..

Most desi kids gets fed up of soggy shami kebab sandwich dripping with ketchup.It is  extremely unappealing compared to their  friend’s neat chicken nuggets or chunks sandwiches which has been  cut in triangles and had a sprinkle of pepper on the slice of processed (imported) cheese. But shami kabab or omelette burgers,sandwiches  and paratha rolls are an easy solution for desi moms.We should Try to avoid ready made processed frozen items and try using homemade nuggets and kababs etc ..


Some kids wants to take something that can be packed in foil or sandwich bag as they doesn’t want to take lunch box (teens issues) but soon they get tired of eating sandwiches and rolls.

Here are some Pakistani style desi ideas and recipes for kids and teens lunch boxes.You can make ahead of time and just will have to take out from fridge and pop up in kids lunch box…

The best part of these recipes is some of some can be made in batches and you can freeze for future use.Some can be make ahead of time and refrigerate.


Let’s talk first about essentials for a lunchbox. You don’t need to buy expensive products.

  • You need one box or bag to contain all the lunch items.
  • Smaller boxes and ziplock bags to contain individual items.
  • Cutlery like spoon and fork along with a napkin.
  • Water bottle
  • Small note pad and fun stickers to add cute notes.You can write notes with permanent marker on zip lock bags like eat me,Have fun etc..


Some important considerations to pack food for school are:

  • Avoid items  which are not good for health like package items or ready to cook processed frozen items etc.
  • Try using homemade frozen food like nuggets,kababs etc.
  • Try to have a nutritious mix containing proteins, carbs, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
  • Adding one treat item can be motivating for children.

Plan monthly lunch boxes before you do groceries so that you can plan and shop before hand.

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m&ms cookie  sticks


4 ways Sushi lunch box sandwich roll ups 

2017-09-28 09.06.15

Shami Donut Kabab 

2017-10-11 12.54.13


Chicken Macroni for kids

Moist Chocolate Muffins 

2017-10-02 13.05.42

Cream cheese and jam sandwiches


Low spice pasta for kids

2017-10-14 20.05.12.jpg

Vanilla and chocolate chip Muffins

2017-10-18 14.05.03

Quick Chicken kababs

Chocolate chip pan cake

Jam Stuffed Churro Poppers 

2017-11-30 12.59.17

Vanilla cakes in sandwich maker

Mini pan cakes for kids lunchbox 


Nutella coated strawberries

Shallow fried boneless chicken

Sugar cookies

2017-09-14 21.27.26

Marble Muffins


Chocolate cakes in sandwich maker


Nutella French toast

Funky cookies/rainbow cookies

Rainbow Muffins 

Simple blondies 

2017-10-29 22.46.33

Fun shape chocolate cookies for kids

2017-10-26 09.38.19

Fried Chocolate puffs



2017-11-02 12.59.24