Submit a guest post

Submit a guest post

If you  have a passion for writing recipes or any blog article concerning foods and nutrition, you’ve come to the right place. I welcome all sorts of writers of food recipes and article on diet and nutrition for maintenance of good health ..My blog is about Pakistani life style and cuisine so your content should be related to my blog niche.A Lot of blog readers and followers have written a free guest post for my blog.Click the link to check 50+ guest posts on my blog.
Please remember following guidelines while writing for my blog as a guest post:

All articles are to be between 200 to  500  words, genuinely your own and unpublished before in any other publication or website.

Content should be extremely free of grammar errors and punctuation errors.

The article is to have a title related to food, nutrition or recipe and framed under main and sub-headlines.

All recipes are to have an Introduction, Ingredients with measurement, and Process. Make sure that Recipe have  Halal ingredients.

I encourage one or more photographs during the stage of cooking and the final product.

Articles must not contain any objectionable or offensive contents.

I have the right to edit, change, shorten or modify any of the content of the article.Before writing a guest post please email me and suggest some topics or discuss your content ideas that you want to write about ..

If you have a blog or website than you will get an advantage to publish your short bio and one back link.your website will get the attention and following of my blog readers.Restaurant reviews and product reviews are negotiable..





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  1. muslimah says:

    Thanks for sharing this it’s a great resource to help other bloggers get their recipes out.


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