Kashmiri Pink Tea_Karachi_style

Karachi’s wedding  Style_ Kashmiri Pink Tea Guest post by Shagufta Ahsan It’s a sure sign that winter has finally arrived in Karachi when Kashmiri Chai (or simply known as Pink Chai) starts being served at Karachi weddings.This tea has been served to my family  by Shagufta Ahsan …So today I am sharing the Kashmiri chai…

Winter special beverage

A winter special beverage(Made with milk and nuts) Heat 1 tbsp butter or ghee then fry poppy seeds;coconut;pistachios; almonds;green cardamom and grind in coffee grinder to a make powder.      Boil 1 litre milk then add 1/2 cup sugar and grinded powder. Cook on low flame for 20 minutes and serve hot.