Pakistani Bakery style Chicken Patties

Today I am posting a Guest post winner recipe for Ramadan meals which has been sent by my sweet blog reader Saima Shaheen…..It is Chicken Patties  recipe….These are just like pakistani bakery style patties. Thank you Saima Shaheen for sharing your recipe.

Chicken patties Recipe

Heat One tbsp oil in pan on medium flame add one chopped onion fry till pink color add one tbsp of ginger garlic paste then add 250 gm chicken mince .after mince gets dry add 1/4 bunch of chopped corriander leaves ,salt , crushed black pepper ,crushed red chillies .then add half beaten egg .Dry it completely. Let it cool.

Roll down puff pastry not too thin nor thick. Cut off any shape like circle or triangle.

Brush the cores of circle piece of puff pastry with half beaten eggs , place qeema over it. Now cover with another circle piece of puff pastry.

At this is stage you can freeze chicken patties and bake when needed.

For baking::

Brush the top of patties with beaten egg.

Bake on greased  tray for about 20 to 25 minutes at 180 degree temperature in pre heated oven until patties get golden color.


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  1. Umm Johar says:

    Salaam. Masha’Allah. These look so delicious! Chicken patties are my favourite! I’ve never even thought of making them myself. I always figured it would be difficult but this recipe is so simple! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to try these out this weekend insha’Allah.

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  2. Salaam. I have never heard of chicken patties. How are they best served/eaten? Can they be eaten with rice? I’m a Filipino, we eat everything with rice.


    1. afreenzia says:

      It is our evening snack.It can be served with tomato ketchup and with any sauce or chutney…


  3. rukukazia says:

    I love anything and everything about puff pastry, and chicken patties are one of my favorites! I don’t make them very often, but when I do these get finished in a jiffy by my family.

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  4. These look delicious! I’m sure my family would enjoy eating these chicken patties…especially in Ramadan. In Mauritius they make something similar with tuna, and serve it with a coriander chutney. Can these be frozen before cooking?


    1. afreenzia says:

      Yes,you can freeze it …


  5. Nakida says:

    As soon as I read the title, I got excited. I’m from Trinidad and we have something very similar to this and it is soooo delicious! We also call it chicken patties but t’s more of a crescent shape. I really do love this recipe and I hope to try it for dinner, my family will love it. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

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  6. Sainab says:

    Ohh yumm this looks amazing. I loveee patties!

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  7. Iman says:

    These look like such a quick and easy meal to make! I’m sure if you had the filling on hand, it would be fairly easy to whip these up in no time – and given that they can be frozen as well, they’d be perfect for unexpected visitors!

    Liked by 1 person

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