Brown onion

Crispy brown onion or

fried onion

Crispy brown onion plays a vital role in traditional pakistani food.Mostly we need brown onions in desi cooking like in making Qorma,curries,or it is used for garnishing. Specially in haleem,brown onion is necessary for garnishing. you can make a head and freeze them for ramadan .


Brown onion is just like potato French fries. Sliced onions are fried till crisp and brown. French fried onion/crisp brown onions are deliciously aromatic and used in cooking, garnishing, seasoning and thickening gravies. Making and preserving French fried onion/crisp brown onion is simple enough.


How to Make French Fried Onion/Crisp Brown Onion

You can make French fried onion/crisp brown onion by following these simple steps:

• Heat a wok or pan on high flame.

• Pour sufficient oil in it and let it heat.

• Then add sliced onion to it.

• Add round about 2-3 pinches of salt to the fried onion depending on the quantity.

• Stir the onion with a spoon at intervals.

• When they turn deep golden, take them out on an absorbent paper.

Please note:

• You can deep or shallow fry the onion for French fried onion/crisp brown onion.

• If there’s too little oil, the onion will result in half burned and half translucent onion.

.At first fry them on high heat when they turn translucent then keep the heat medium high.

• Don’t leave the onion to fry on its own,they burn quickly.
• Don’t try to get a deeper golden color, onion burns quickly.
• Always take out the onion on a wide plate with absorbent paper. If the French fried onion/ crisp brown onion are not aired properly or oil is not drained properly, the onion will result in soggy fried onion.

How to Preserve or freeze French Fried Onion/Deep Fried Onion

Once you have properly aired French fried onion/crisp brown onion, Then store it in an air tight container,and freeze but don’t refrigerate it or it will turn soggy. Or you can grind it in to a fine paste, store in an air tight container and refrigerate.


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