Easy Recipes using Beef Strips

Easy Recipes using Beef Strips::

These easy recipes are made using beef strips. Use undercut meat for making Beef strips.


Undercut is the best cut being the top sirloin. … The Undercut is Popular in Pakistan, the undercut is the lean and tender meat of the loin muscle, found on each side of the cow’s vertebral column. It’s cooking time is less so I choose undercut beef (cut into strips) to make all these recipes….


Eid Ul Adha special Recipes 

In Qurbani meat, undercut has been supposed special ..You can cut it into strips and freeze for later use…

Here are….

5 Easy Recipes using Beef Strips::

Crispy Deep Fried Beef Strips



Pakistani Style Chilli Garlic Stir_fry Beef Strips



Tandoori Shredded beef Sandwiches



Shallow Fried Beef Strips with daal chawal 


Beef Strips with Spaghetti/Egg Noodles




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