Raw Mango Pickle,,Pakistani style recipe


Raw Mango Pickle,Pakistani style recipe

I have so many pickles and

Pakistani chutney recipes on my blog. Check out here,,,

homemade Achaar Masala recipe. Today I am sharing Raw mango pickle recipe. It is a Guest Post by Tahoora Adnan. Thanks to Tahoora for sharing her homemade Raw mango pickle recipe. You can ask vegetable seller to cut raw mangoes for pickle. Mustard oil is the best for homemade achaar ..

Raw Mango Pickle recipe

Fresh raw mangoes   1.5 kg (cut a mango in 4 pieces with seed as shown in pic)

Packet or homemade Achar masala: 250 gm

Salt 3 tsp

Vinegar 1/4 cup

Mustard oil needed enough as mangoes dip in it completely


Dry the raw mangoes and make sure that there is no water drop in it.

Mix achar masala,vinegar and  salt. Rub well on raw mangoes. Put them in a dry jar and cover it with thin cloth or muslin cloth. place it under the sunlight for 3 days ,stirring n mixing with spoon on daily basis. Don’t add even a drop of water. After 3 days check raw mango pieces then you could feel tenderness in mangoes. Now add mustard oil sufficient for mangoes to be dipped completely. place again under the sunlight for 15 days. Check and mix pickle occassionaly. Your pickle become enough tender n sizzling in 15 days under sunlight.


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